Date: (2019-04-10)


  • dated neutrinos module version to 0.0.38. Also updated the migration logic to update neutrinos module version to 0.0.38.
  • Added logic to get the latest attributes list from tool kits and show in the studio. [BHIV-988]

  • For all the non-input attributes, added an input field for the custom value. [BHIV-1095]

  • Added button toggle view for checkbox and Boolean values. Also added drop down values for multiple option attributes. [BHIV-668]

  • Auto Update support for Windows, MacOS. Linux checks only for an update where the user has to manually download and run the latest Studio version.[BHIV-945]

  • Use of keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+S) for saving a tab. [BHIV-967]

  • Replaced old card and its related components to single card component. Refer to What’s New section to learn more. [BHIV-997]

  • Added extra attributes to all the studio components. [BHIV-668]

  • Form controls, Input, Select, and DatePicker components support mat-error which allows you to add customized error condition and messages to be displayed to the user when such error conditions are met. Refer to What’s New section for more details. [BHIV-942]

Bug Fixes

  • Views performance [BHIV-1125]
  • Children should be added at specific slot position [BHIV-1195]

  • Child components should be sortable inside parent components [BHIV-1196]

  • Exception handling while saving environments [BHIV-935]

  • Default Template install desktop notification is coming even templates are not installed [BHIV-1269]

  • Output terminal is not getting updated with the app operation messages.

  • Icons on palette components are draggable. [BHIV-1287]

  • Saving a page fails if it has views in it.

  • The value assigned to the redirectTo field goes missing after Route configuration is saved. This also causes anything written in the Resolve field to be displayed as the value of the  RedirectTo field. [BHIV-1033]

  • Undefined error message on switching workspaces. [BHIV-889]

  • The changes made to the Data model’s data source and description fields are not being detected. [BHIV-1141]

  • A component could not be copied error. [BHIV-1258]

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