Date: (2019-04-19)

Known Issues:

Issue: Saving an empty page.

If you drag and drop any advanced component such as Data Table, Input, or Card on an empty page, and perform the following tasks in the order mentioned below:

  • Save and close the page.
  • Re-open the page.
  • Delete the advanced component and try to save the empty page.

You will see that Studio throws an error as shown below:


If you want to save an empty page after dropping an advanced component, perform the following steps:

  • Drag and drop a simple component such as Row or Column onto the page.
  • Save and close the page.
  • Reopen the page and delete the component.
  • Save the page.

You will see that the empty page gets saved successfully.

Bug Fixes

  • To drop a component into a pasted component.
  • Migration logic to 5.0.2: We have downgraded @angular/flex-layout from 7.0.0-beta.23 to 7.0.0-beta.19 due to open issue in flex-layout. Refer to Issue-1017 for more details.

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