Date: (2019-08-26)

Required Upgrades

The following upgrades are required to support Neutrinos Studio  version 6.1.0:

  • The Angular version has to be updated from 7.2.3 to 8.2.0.
  • The node.js version has to be updated to versions between 10.9.x and 12.x.x.
  • The Angular material Flex layout has to be upgraded from version 7.0.0-beta.19 to 8.0.0-beta.26.
If you face any breaking changes after upgrading to the latest version, follow the workarounds and migration steps mentioned in the Migration Guide


  • Value property is added to the Button Toggle Group component to reverse map/bind values.
  • Removed rxjs-compat and updated rxjs to version 6.x.x. See Migrate from 6.0.0 to 6.1.0 for more information.
  • The following files in the app are now replaced with the respective ones in the default generated app:
    • package.json
    • n-dataSorce.service.ts
    • n-localeResources.service.ts
    • n-map.component.ts,polyfills.ts
    • import-modules.ts
  • The Gulp task is created to create a www directory (if it does not exist) before Cordova prepare.
  • In the Table component, an index variable is provided to columns.

Bug Fixes

  • The Delete and Minimize buttons are not hidden on copy-paste.
  • The workspace title is updated after a UI service is renamed.
  • After deleting a page, a pop-up warning message is displayed in the Routes editor indicating that the page does not exist.
  • In the Plugins Manager:
    • the template list is refreshed to show the downloaded template after adding a template from the Neutrinos Store.
    • the search filter is cleared after a search is performed on the templates list.
    • If you do not select a template and click the Remove button, a snack bar message is displayed.
  • The About Neutrinos link is updated to
  • The copy-paste feature will not create a component with the same ID.
  • The clear search for palette list is working.
  • cyclic dependency on a view will throw an error message.
  • In UI services, the Switch node's else condition is working.
  • If you are doing a mobile build of your app, Neutrinos automatically creates the www folder in your directory.

Known Issues

  1. MediaObserver.asObservable() emits 2 events each time the media changes. See for more details.
  2. MediaObserver.asObservable()emits wrong events on breakpoints. See for more details.
  3. Changes are not applied on window resize. That is, on resizing the window, directives such as-,, fxFlexOrder, etc. are not applied. See to learn more.
  4. Custom dependencies added using the Neutrinos Studio cannot be updated.

Workaround: Delete the custom dependency from the Plugins Manager and add it again. See Import Dependencies from Neutrinos Store for more information.

Delete custom dependency

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