Date: (2019-09-25)

Features and Enhancements

  • Added a keyboard shortcut - Ctrl/Cmd + W to close tabs in Neutrinos Studio.
  • When a user switches between pages, or between the TypeScript editor and the HTML page, the scroll state is saved across tabs, TS editor, and HTML pages.
  • Enhanced the Select dropdown list in all the Attribute window of all the components.
  • Added advanced options to the attributes window of the  Select component.
  • Merged Tab Group and Tab components to a single Tabs component. Also, added new attributes to the Tabs component.
  • Added advanced options to the attributes window of the DatePicker component.
  • Added more types in the properties drop-down list of the Start node.
  • An option is added to Neutrinos Studio using which you can add blank terminals.
  • Monaco editor is updated to version 0.17.1.
  • IntelliSense is added for Monaco editor in UI Services.
  • Autocomplete is added for bh. lookups in attribute windows.
  • Plugins Manager: The UI of the Add Dependency window is enhanced.
  • Added the following new nodes to UI Services: 
    • Navigation
    • Storage
    • Service Variables
    • Environment
    • Snack Bar

Bug Fixes

  • On mouse hover, showing the Collapse icon when editor pane is already collapsed.
  • Studio Application page misaligned after deleting a UI service.
  • Views refreshing in multiple open pages after a new page is created.
  • kill is not a function on macOS running node 12
  • Cannot drag some components outside the Html 5 component.
  • Change detection is not fired in routes after deleting the page.
  • In a few instances, the palette list is empty when a page opens.
  • Error when an advanced component is minimized and copied.
  • The Ctrl+ S shortcut is inactive if a dialog is open.
  • Assets Editor folder becomes empty on dragging a sub-folder in the tree.
  • Components get pasted on top of the paste target if the paste target is minimized.
  • Pressing the Enter/Return key deletes the focused route in Routes editor.
  • Palette components get dropped as icons.
  • The HTML editor becomes droppable outside of Html 5 component.
  • The wrong mat-error message is displayed while creating an app.
  • Migration steps are added to handle changes made to the Select component's attributes.
  • class and style attributes not applied to card title & subtitle.
  • If the paste target is minimized, components get pasted on top of the paste target.
  • Monaco editor doesn't re-layout after closing tabs.
  • In the Add Select option, the disable field gets updated by default the if the Update button is not clicked.
  • Wrong attribute window is being displayed in the Card and Table components.
  • When the attributes window of a component is open, if you press (ctrl + X) to cut the component, the attributes window of the component should get closed.
  • When a palette component is dragged and dropped, it gets dropped as an icon.
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