Updated on 1/8/2020
Change Log
Release 6.2.1
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  • Added a unique attribute called "(nodetype)" for service nodes.
  • Added migration for the checked property of the Checkbox component.
  • Added migration for color attribute type of the Radio Button component.

Bug Fixes:

  • Unable to drag and drop other components inside the HTML component.
  • Cannot edit the forRoot config of a module in the Plugins Manager.
  • Fix for the checked property of the Checkbox component.
  • The typedInput value field becomes empty even if it was saved with a non-empty value.
  • A typographical error in the "invert" attribute of the Slider component.
  • If a component is being dragged outside the "container" region of the page, it should start scrolling in the direction at which the component is being dragged.
  • The properties window of the service designer nodes in a created flow cannot be opened if the start node has an empty name.
  • Error on opening the properties window if the nodes are connected in a cyclic manner.
  • The service name not getting corrected to lowercase when a new service is added.
  • Switch node properties get empty on closing and opening the node.
  • The color attribute of the RadioButton component is not working.

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