Updated on 9/27/2019
Service Designer User's Guide
UI Services Designer Page
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UI Services Designer Page

To open the UI Services Designer, click Services icon on the Neutrinos Studio Application page and select UI Services.

The UI Services Designer window

The UI Services page opens up. It has several sections:

Sections in the Service Designer page

  • Action Pane: The action pane allows you to navigate back to the application home page, save the service, and deploy the app.
  • Services List: The services list contains all the services that you have created for your app.
  • Nodes Palette: The nodes palette contains all the nodes that are available for you to design client-side services.
  • Service Editor: The service editor provides you with a canvas to create service flows.
  • Attributes Window: The attributes window provides a list of properties that you can configure for the selected node.

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