Updated on 9/27/2019
Service Designer User's Guide
Call Service Node
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Call Service Node

A Call Service node is used to call an existing flow in the UI Services editor. 

How to Use

  • Open the Services editor window.
  • Click the Add Service button to add a new service or open an existing service.
  • In the Nodes palette, drag and drop a Call Service node to the workspace.
  • Drag and drop other nodes to create a flow.

Associated AttributesCall Service Node properties

  • Name: Unique name for the node. This field accepts only string values with a length of length 5 - 50 characters.
  • Service: Choose the service from which you want to call the flow.

  • Flow: Choose the flow you want to call.

  • Input/Output properties: Based on the service that you select, the Call Service node displays all the properties that you would have created in the called service and auto-fills the Key field. In the Value field, you can select the following property type and then enter the property name.

    • bh.: The global object which contains input, system, and local properties.

    • bh.input.: The property which contains only input variables.

    • bh.local.: The property which contains only local variables.

See Properties to learn more.

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