Updated on 9/27/2019
Service Designer User's Guide
Service Variables Node
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Service Variables Node

The Service Variable node is used to set and get service variables of the flow. These variables are used to store data that can be accessed outside the flow without executing the flow.

How to Use 

  • Open the Services editor window.
  • Click the Add Service button to add a new service or open an existing service.
  • In the Nodes Palette, drag and drop a Service Variable node to the workspace.
  • Drag and drop other nodes to create a flow.

Associated Attributes

Service Variables node properties
  • NameThe name of the node. This field accepts only string values with a length of length 5 - 50 characters.
  • Operations
    • Set service variables: Use this option to set service variables of your flow to any value. you can map the variables to bh properties, string values, or as is. Click +  to set the variable. The service variable gets added to the list below. You can add more service variables to the flow by entering service values and clicking + to add them to the list.
    • Get service variables: Use this option to get service variables of your flow and assign it to flow properties - bh.input or bh.local. You can assign multiple service variables to flow properties by using the + icon.
  • Input Parameters: Use this field to specify input parameters for the flow. These parameters provide input to the flow. After creating these parameters, you can call the flow (from a page or a service) using the function name generated, and pass the parameters to that function. To add an input parameter:
    • Enter an input key
    • Enter a value to be associated with the key. Value can be of type JSON, String, and number. 
    • If you want the output of the function to return the input parameter, toggle the Output button to true.
    • Click + Add.

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