Updated on 1/21/2020
Client Services Designer Guide
System-defined Properties
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The Neutrinos Platform provides a set of predefined system properties which includes system-defined variables and services that can be used across apps. You can call these properties using bh.system.<system_property>.

System properties and services include:

Variable or Service Summary
bh.system.currentUser Provides information about the current logged in user. This will be undefined if the app does not use authentication or if no user has logged in.
bh.system.environment Provides information about the current environment that the app is built on. For example- Dev, Prod.
bh.system.tokenService()  Provides methods for authentication token management on the frontend. 
bh.system.deviceService() Provides methods and variables to get the application and platform-specific information.
system.localStorageSystem Provides access to the data stored in the local storage of the client. 
system.loginservice Provides methods and variables for a user to log in to an application.
system.logoutService Provides methods and variables for a user to log out of the application.


Provides push notifications to the app.
system.pubsubService Provides methods to publish and subscribe to events with various types of callbacks.
bh.system.httpLoaderService()  Listens to HTTP requests and indicates its progress.
bh.system.dataModelService() Provides observable methods that integrate with Neutrinos Art data model APIs.

System properties: 

System properties are specific to a system or a platform in which you create your app.




The value associated with the variable at that particular time. For example, bh.systsem.environment returns information about the current environment that the app is built on.

System Services

The following are the pre-defined system services that you can use across your apps: 

Access system Properties from a UI Service

You can access the system properties from any flow by using bh.system.<property>. For example, if you have a service which requires Neutrinos Art authentication, then you can drag and drop a Script node to your flow, and use the bh.system.loginService.login() method.

Properties                                                                                                                  system.deviceService  >