Updated on 9/27/2019
Service Designer User's Guide
Create a UI Service Flow
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Create a UI Service Flow

Watch this video to learn how to create client-side services using UI Services. You will see the demonstration of a simple weather app which is used to display the current weather of a city based on the user input.

If you want to import the weather app into Neutrinos Studio and experiment with UI services, download the weather.nos file from here and perform the following tasks:

  1. Register with the OpenWeatherMap weather provider and get an API key. See OpenWeatherMap to learn more.
  2. Import the weather.nos file to Neutrinos Studio . 
  3. Click on the weather app to edit the app.
  4. Click Services, and select UI services.
  5. In the UI services Designer, double-click the Start node to view its Attributes window.
  6. Enter your API key in the apikey field of Local Properties.
  7. Enter your API key

  8. Initialize the app.
  9. Run the app in Live View mode.

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