Deploy App

Neutrinos Studio provides a feature to deploy your apps on the cloud using the Deploy App feature for all apps.

InformationDeploy App feature is enabled for users having access (clients) to Neutrinos Console. If you have access to Neutrinos Console and are unable to use the Deploy App feature, contact your organization admin or reach out to Neutrinos Support. 

To deploy an app on the cloud:

   1. Click on the Deploy app icon on the top-right corner of the app editor screen.

    2. Select the deployment targets for the build.

   3. Click the Deploy button to schedule the build for deployment.

Deploy LMS  app

To check the status for your deployment, login to Neutrinos Console. Navigate to apps section and select your app card and view build status updates. The app deployment process involves multiple steps that require a couple of minutes to complete. You can view individual steps status and completion duration in the app build details section. When your app build is completed successfully build status is updated to Success.

  • In the case of Build Failure, download Build logs and check for app errors.
  • If you face any connectivity issues during the deployment steps, you can use the Re-deploy option on the app card to re-schedule a build for deployment.
  • You can use the Deploy app option on Studio to redeploy app changes onto the cloud.

Preview App

When your build is completed successfully, click the Portal  icon to launch the web app or click the Android/iOS icon to download the android build or iOS build of the app.